‘Arthroscopy Study Group’ was formed by more than 150 practicing Arthroscopy Surgeons from every corner of the India. The very purpose of this group was to share and exchange our ideas, knowledge and professional experience in the field of Arthroscopy. During the pandemic, we have been able to connect online and conduct more than 100 web-seminars with the active participation of more than 50 international faculties as well as all of our distinguished surgeons across India. We intend to encourage and promote research work, publications and innovations that can further widen our contributions to health and physical well being.

This is the first in-person conference after the pandemic we are hosting in Mumbai. Amidst the last 18 months of COVID19 pandemic, we have realised the value and need of social interactions more than ever. With the growing numbers of vaccination coverage and increase in the herd immunity, we are likely to conquer this pandemic very soon. We believe that the precautions and safety measures implemented in this conference will further help us ensure a comfortable environment for this academic social interaction. The conference will include symposium, discussions and interactions, re-live surgeries by eminent faculties and cadaveric workshop on Knee Preservation Surgeries. With the first theme of ‘Save Knee’, we aim to share the basic principles as well as recent advances happening across the globe in the field of arthroscopy and sports medicine.



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